Equipment that is Superior by Design

Traditional Tube Frame Design

Tube Frame designs have historically been used throughout production facilities in all industries because they are light in weight and overall construction. Work tables are physically moved frequently throughout a production facility for various reasons, which made the tube frame design ideal in theory, however, these tables have the tendency to crack over time near welded joints. Furthermore, temperature differences between cleaning water and normal production can condensate internal to the tube once a crack forms. When a crack in the weld occurs, the tube frame table is left extremely vulnerable to bacterial contamination.

SSL Industries
  • 18 GA 430 stainless
  • Galvanized components and open channels
  • Hardware (bolts, threads) and silicon required for assembly
  • Extremely vulnerable to bacterial contamination
  • Lightweight material/construction easily damaged
  • Load capacity 200 lbs.
  • Labor intensive and time consuming to properly sanitize

SSL Industries’ Open Concept Design

Leveraging years of engineering experience and the unique capabilities of SSL Industries, Steve Lawrence (President) completely redesigned the stainless steel work table utilizing an open concept, opposed to hollow frame, to solve reoccurring and expensive equipment issues for clients.

SSL Industries' work tables are backed by a utility patent, two design patents, is NSF Certified and received USDA Equipment Approval.


SSL Industries
  • 100% constructed of 14GA – 11GA / 304 stainless
  • Nowhere for bacteria to harbor
  • Load capacity > 1,000 lbs.
  • DA finish
  • Extremely rigid, durable, and long-lasting
  • All components are formed; no tubing or hollow pieces
  • Reduced production downtime for sanitation
  • USDA Accepted Equipment
  • Protected by one utility patent and two design patents