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design patents for clean design table

SSL Industries is proud to announce the Clean Design table.

The Clean Design table is a newly designed stainless steel work table that completely replaces the standard tube frame designed table the entire market uses.

With a new design that only utilizes formed components with all contact areas welded complete. Our patented and USDA approved design eliminates the possibility of welds cracking and becoming contaminated. With this new design, there is no place for bacteria to harbor. Not only does this solve the major contamination problem in food processing facilities, it also significantly cuts down the time it takes for sanitation since they are so easy to clean. Reduced sanitation time results in water conservation and longer production time, saving the company substantially on non-production down time.

utility patent for clean design table

The strength of our Table Top and Tab Top tables are in the detailed design, high quality, USDA approval and three patents.

table top clean table


Model No. SSL-1001

United States Design Patent No. D744,334 S
United States Utility Patent No. US 9,516,944 B2

Compliance with: NSF/ASNI/3-A 14159-1-2010 Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment

tap top clean table



Model No. SSL-1002
United States Design Patent No. D744,335 S
United States Utility Patent No. US 9,516,944 B2
Compliance with: USDA Dairy Equipment Guidelines

Standard Tube Frame

  • Weak, unstable design
  • Uses nuts and bolts
  • Time consuming to clean
  • Vulnerable to damage
  • Can easily be contaminated by welds cracking, which can then harbor in tubes
standard tub frame vs ssl industries clean design tables

SSL Industries Clean Design

  • Extremely rigid, durable, and long lasting
  • No tubing, all straight pieces
  • Very easy to clean
  • Reduces non-production down time
  • Conserves water and cleaning products
  • No contamination possible


SSL Industries is proud to service industry leaders such as Sargento and Johnsonville, with Clean Design tables to their production facilities.

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By using SSL Industries Clean Design Tables instead of the standard tube frame design, drastically aids in preventing contaminations such as the ones that are detailed in these articles. The use of our tables not only benefits the using company’s process in food handling by making it as efficient as possible, but also in the most clean and safe way for the well being of its customers.


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